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Friday, August 14, 2009

Timmy's walk home part one

Timmy was glad that the school year was over, just like every other kid at Johnson Elementary. He walked out of the squat brick building at three o’clock loaded down with all the things that seem to collect in the bottom of his desk and in his locker. He carried his book bag, so stuffed with folders, notebooks and projects, it was near bursting. His other hand was loaded with his recorder from music class and his Abe Lincoln log cabin that he made in history class. He got a B-minus on the cabin, he thought that he deserved an A but you can’t argue with Mrs. Fenrick.

The afternoon was very bright and sunny, also quite humid. Summer came in early and hot. This whole week the thermometer never dropped below eighty-five. It was the hottest May in twenty years according to the weather man on channel thirteen. Timmy liked to watch the news with his dad, he felt like he was learning important stuff. Most third graders in 1971 would think Timmy was weird for watching the news with his dad but he didn’t care. His dad worked a lot and sitting in his big chair with him was special.

Timmy usually walked home with his best friend Alex, but today Alex got to go home early because his family was going on a vacation. So Timmy walked home alone. It’s not a long walk, only four blocks. His mother worries about him, but she knows that he has to grow up someday. Timmy’s father teases his mother about this. “Cut the apron strings, Alice. The boy can handle it.” He would say. Timmy is not sure what his dad is talking about but laughs along with him anyway.

Other kids speed past him on their way to the sidewalk and freedom. One kid, a big clumsy boy named Earl, nearly knocks the log cabin from under Timmy’s arm. He didn’t mean to, and looks back at Timmy with an “oops sorry” sort of smile. Timmy smiles back and Earl runs off. Everyone is in such a good mood. Even the school bully Michael has what passes for a genuine smile on his face. That’s good because it means that no one is gonna get beat up this afternoon. Timmy reaches the sidewalk and turns left toward home.


Sherry said...

Very good so far. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

Lindy said...

I love it and also the picture of you. Its like Stephen King. Very good writing skills you have. I'm impressed and looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

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